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Watch this space

Friends, followers, people who happened to stumble here from the internet. This blog is not Dead and Gone. This blog is sleeping. It has but Skipped a Beat. But unfortunately, it must continue to rest. My work, job applications and other projects will continue to take up every waking moment along with much of my […]

Pale kids talks poetry, performing, Youtube and white rappers.

I had the great pleasure to meet George Watsky. I had a nice chat with him before a show in Milan, check out the interview here. Intelligent, thoughtful stuff (also, 4chan).

D-d-d-d-double update!

Not only did I post a review yesterday, I have also just put up an interview with Johann Beadraven! He quite likes Beards.

Djent-Hop is a thing now.

I thoroughly hope I have coined a new term.  Read about it, here.

“Time to let everything inside show”

My oh my, a review on time! Deftone’s new album, Koi No Yokan here!  

Greetings, internet.

I am GiantMan. Hello all. Pleasure. I’m here to write about music, so I imagine that’s what I’ll be doing. Let’s get this show on the road.