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One for the Cynics

One of  those wonderful if quite rare beasts, an album made of good pop music. Peace’s debut, In Love. Check out my review here. Advertisements

Indie Space Folk

I’m a real music critic now. I get sent albums before they’re released by PR companies. See my review of The Heligoat’s new album ‘Back To The Ache’  HERE Apart from having an incredible name, the band also make some pretty good music. Enjoy!

We’re going to need a bigger boat.

The GiantMan franchise cannot be contained. Once more, like a great tree, it has grown. I now do Live Reviews! *Gasps, spattered applause* I’ve started strong with Glen Hansard, who I saw play in Rome last week supported by Lisa Hannigan. Read it here! NB: Hopefully I shall be adding some pretty photos to the […]

To the Nick Cave!

Nick Cave has returned with the Bad Seeds, and done so in quite some style. Read the review of his new album, Push the Sky Away, here. “Some people say it’s just Rock’n’Roll, but it gets you right down to your soul.”

The 90s, twenty years on.

In some time zones, this counts as a regular update. Here’s my review of My Bloody Valentine’s third, long-awaited album. “It’s not a comeback, a reinvention, or an earth-shattering reboot – it’s just been delayed.”

Esben and the second album slump.

Review of Esben and the Witch’s new album Wash the Sins Not Only the Face is up here. “Instead of thick textures textures, the music just sounds like a matt finish.”


Review of Villager’s new album {Awayland} is now up. ” In the end, it feels youthful and energetic, if not fully developed and polished.”