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Twangers, or the dying art of self-indulgence.

This week, you lucky people get to read something that fits into the “maybe vaguely intelligent” of this blog. I’ve written an article about the death of the guitar solo. Have a read, if only for all the links of tasty music. Advertisements

Epic EP

As a follow up from my sound track article, I thought I’d talk a little about a game that came into my possession on steam a little while ago when when I bought the Indie Humble Bundle 5. For those who don’t know, the Indie Humble Bundle is a distribution site for indipendently produced games, […]

The Sound Track to your life.

New article up to celebrate all my lovely new visitors! Linked here: Enjoy!

A little humility

Last night Stevie Wonder was at Ronnie Scott’s, and came onstage to play during Mike Gorman’s set.¬†(Update courtesy of LondonJazz) I’ve actually heard quite a few stories now of Signor Wonder turning up at places like this – going to see blues bands play in more intimate venues and ending up on stage; the smaller […]

Opening up Shop

Because it’s start-up time, I thought I’d treat you all to no less than four reviews, right off the bat. And a comment piece! And an introduction! You lucky people.