Monthly Archives: March 2013

One for the Cynics

One of  those wonderful if quite rare beasts, an album made of good pop music. Peace’s debut, In Love. Check out my review here. Advertisements

Twangers, or the dying art of self-indulgence.

This week, you lucky people get to read something that fits into the “maybe vaguely intelligent” of this blog. I’ve written an article about the death of the guitar solo. Have a read, if only for all the links of tasty music.

D-d-d-d-double update!

Not only did I post a review yesterday, I have also just put up an interview with Johann Beadraven! He quite likes Beards.

Indie Space Folk

I’m a real music critic now. I get sent albums before they’re released by PR companies. See my review of The Heligoat’s new album ‘Back To The Ache’  HERE Apart from having an incredible name, the band also make some pretty good music. Enjoy!