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It is done. Tiny messages will be written, tags hashed. I am now on twitter. Unsurprisingly, my tag is @giantmanmusic Why not follow me? It’s not like you can get enough of me. Advertisements

Oh! My, a Review

Review of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s new album, Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! here. “ So at some point we decided to record – it’s what bands do.” Clearly I’m still not on a regular schedule, but I’ll keep things coming when I write them

No moss here

The Stones have a new track out. Great, simple video and the music swaggers like it did thirty years ago. Sure, it’s nothing new, but what were you expecting? They may only have one style, but man, do they do it well. My one qualm is that they’ve really cleaned up their sound – the […]

FlyLo mini-review

Flying Lotus’ new album, Until The Quiet Comes, came out on the 1st October. There’s a stream here, courtesy of Pitchfork. It’s… challenging. Even though it’s not musically as dense as Cosmogramma, his last album – in fact it’s rather minimalist – it’s hardly background music. It’s complicated and intense in its simplicity, growing and flowing between […]


Alas, alack, there will be no new review today. I know it’s terrible to miss your scheduled update, but I have good reasons: I just moved to Italy. This change has included; a sever lack of internet access over the weekend; the inability to stream the new Muse album that I was going to review; […]