Here are a few bands that have been gracing my ears recently that you should check out:

Smoke Fairies – this blues/folk duo may be British, but this song does the best job of summoning up great American deserts that I’ve heard since Ry Cooder. Lush, husky vocal harmonies, seriously good stuff, signed on Jack White’s label Third Man records. A lot of their songs are in a similar vein, with some more prominently British folk elements, and some are much brighter.

The Murder Barn – No, it’s not farm metal. But, it has a creepy video and for a stripped-down band they really capture your attention. Great voice, moody and well-written. Creepy stop-motion videos appear to be one of their motifs, but their music is quite varied; this song is positively proggy, although it’s still based in bluegrass rock.

Tumbleweed – A friend’s bluegrass/country band. Nothing groundbreaking, but they’ve got soul, and some really good harmonies, and you all now how much I love those. Have a listen to one of their originals  as well. Their site is here.

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