A little humility

Last night Stevie Wonder was at Ronnie Scott’s, and came onstage to play during Mike Gorman’s set. (Update courtesy of LondonJazz)

I’ve actually heard quite a few stories now of Signor Wonder turning up at places like this – going to see blues bands play in more intimate venues and ending up on stage; the smaller stage at House of Blues in Chicago being the only one I can remember specifically.

I’m not sure how many big musicians do this (by all means, anyone, tell me a story), but as big musicians go, Stevie Wonder is definitely up there. It really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that for great musicians, it’s still all about the music. Sure, if he wasn’t Stevie Wonder I doubt they’d have let him up on stage, cutting into a booked act’s set (trust me), but it never sounds like he makes a big deal out of it. It seems to me that he just loves it so much that he almost can’t help himself.

And that is the kind of thing that makes me love music. Because it’s all right there. Particularly with jamming forms, like blues or jazz, you can get completely lost, and while you can feel honoured to have such a a big name playing with you, the greatest thing is knowing that, for some, celebrity means nothing.  So play on.

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